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introducing the c

The “c” is whatever you’re amazing and intricate mind wants it to be, but for now, it’s me. C for Carley. I’ve always been a writer, from documenting 2nd-grade road trips across the country to journaling my journey through a European summer. But as life tends to go, we get into habits and out of them quicker than we can publish our weekly blog. So I got out of it for a while. With that, I never stopped writing. I’m a marketer, so I’m continually producing copy. I’m also a wanna-be perfectionist, so when I occasionally write things for myself, they stay in drafts- like some of my greatest tweets.

I am scared to publish my work, even though it will likely get two views- that is, if I can convince my mom and grandma to get online- because they feel vulnerable. But I have realised my vulnerability does not match up to environmental, social, political, and health issues happening around the world.  

So, follow along as I explore how my travels have helped me sea. And how together we can start living more consciously. Let’s learn as we grow!

Follow the c is inspired by my travels- wherever I go, I follow the coast. 

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