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Czech Republic

Prague in one day *Czech*

After all the trains we have taken, we were due for one to break down. Fittingly enough, our train from Vienna to Pardubice, Czech that was supposed to be a quick 3 hour ride turned into about 5-6 hours due to exactly that.

Hradec Králové

Upon arrival, 3 hours later than expected, we were greeted by Caitlin’s distant family including the cutest little boy, his sweet mom, and her uncle/second cousin/nice man- to say the least. They brought us back to their lovely house with a pool, home cooked food, a real washing and drying machine, and a big clean room. It was exactly what we needed after our nonstop couple of weeks.

We stayed in the comfort of there home for two short nights while they showed us around their part of town and spoiled us with lots of food and Czech beer.

Saturday night we reclined back and watched the stars before returning to the city life.

overlook of Hradec Králové from the clock tower


Sunday morning we caught a fully packed train to Prague and saw the city in just one day. Thanks to all of Caitlin’s coincidental connections in Czech, we were able to stay the night with one of her friends in the city. After dropping off our human sized bags to her room, we made our way to the old square and explored the colorful streets until the World Cup Final kickoff.

Thanks to the organized layout of Prague (and most cities in Czech) we were able to see so much in so little time. We saw a lot of beautiful churches, the Astronomical clock tower, the rainbow colored buildings that filled every street, the Vltava river, the Prague Castle on the hill, how Trdelník is made (and how is tastes), AND the USA Women’s National team win the World Cup Final.

It was a good day, in a great city, with an unforgettable win, and a nice end; in a beer garden, overlooking the city, with Caitlin’s friend, and all of her friends.

Old Town Square
St Nicholas’ Church
Astronomical Clock
Charles Bridge
The City From Above
St Vitus Cathedral
Queens in Prague Castle

**sorry about the bad lighting in the images above, yesterday was one of the, few and far between, gloomy days in the European summer**

Czech Yes

Another thing on my non existent bucket list *CZECH*

The Czech Republic is a wonderful country filled with the most colorful streets I’ve seen yet, and many more things that I would return for.

Do I recommend a trip to Czech? Czech yes!

But good luck with the language…

one of the many Museums

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