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When in Wien – music, music, and more music.

Vienna Bound

Remember when I complained about the night train to Paris, well the one from Zurich to Vienna was worse… Instead of their being bunks, this time it was a box of six seats, two rows of three. Thankfully Caitlin and I occupied one box to ourselves, but, unthankfully I could not sleep to save a life.

Props to tasteful Austrian coffee, sleep was not a necessity. When we arrived in the morning, we sipped some caffeine and got on with our day in the elaborate city of Vienna.



A place I never would have chose to go on my own, but I’m glad I went.

While we were only here for two days and two nights, we experienced a number of different musical scenes including live music, streamed concerts, operas, and other festivals. It seemed every site to see had a concert venue set up outside of it.

My favorite (second to the opera of course) was the Film Festival they had going on. When we first stumbled upon it I thought they would be showing films.. but turns out it was a big concert with a mix of live and filmed music, lined with a variety of yummy food and drink options.

Last night, in celebration of the 4th, we drank a beer and danced around to George Ezera.

Film Fest
Greek & German Food


Months ago when we planned this trip, we noticed we would be in Vienna during opera season. So months ago, we purchased our tickets.

While the film festival was a good time, the opera was unlike anything I’ve experience before. Or, what we thought was going to be an opera but was actually a Tokyo Ballet, was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

The show we saw was called Kabuki. It started off very very strong leaving Caitlin and I in awe. I’m not even sure how to really explain it, but maybe a direct quote from Caitlin will do- “I’ve never done acid before but I feel like this is what it would be like.”

Japanese performers were dancing, jumping, and running around, there were musical instruments playing and a man singing opera, the scenery and clothing was constantly changing, and eventually a wild bore came running out.

It was magnificent to see and mind blowing to think how anyone could have choreographed such a performance.

Aside from the show that had already left us in awe, the Wiener Staatoper (Vienna State Opera) was stunning, inside and out. During intermission we were able to walk out on one of the balconies and watch the sun go down behind the tall and aesthetic buildings.

Weiner Staatoper
Balcony Views

Danke, Wien

All of the detailed and extravagant buildings, along with the endless array of music, life changing espresso, beautiful churches, and the markets that went on for blocks will be something I hold on to. Thank you Austria for an experience different from any other.

St Stephen’s Cathedral
Schönbrunn Palace
Schlosspark Schönbrunn
Another Pretty Church

Austrian Advice :

If you ever make your way to Vienna, do so with a bottle of wine and an opera ticket.

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